Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Our Review of the Sprint Racer Indoor Cycle...

How Easy is the Indoor Cycle to Build?
The Sprint Racer indoor cycle is very easy to build. Attach the stabilisers at the front and rear of the bike, drop in the seat and handlebars, attach the pedals and console and you're ready to ride. Takes about 15 minutes in total.
What are the first impressions?
This indoor cycle has been designed by us and it incorporates all of the good things that you'll want in an indoor cycle:
  • Adjustability of the seat and handlebars (both horizontally and vertically) is very easy to do so that you can achieve your optimum position
  • The bike is easy to move because of the transport wheels on the front stabiliser bar, so you can move it out of the way when you've finished using it
  • 20kg flywheel is a great size for this price of bike
  • Belt drive so there's no real maintenance on this bike - Console gives good feedback when cycling
Sprint Racer Indoor Cycle 
What's it like to ride?
Excellent. The 20kg flywheel coupled with the belt drives makes this bike very quiet and extremely smooth. If you're wondering whether this will match up to the spin bike in your class then the short answer is "yes - it will feel better!":
  • Because of the belt drive the ride is very quiet and very smooth
  • The friction resistance works extremely well which enables you to make the workout as easy or hard as you like, and of course you can vary this resistance during your workout by turning the adjuster knob as you cycle.
  • At high speeds and/or resistance, when you're putting more strain on the bike, it still feels very stable and solid. There's no frame distortion which demonstrates the quality and strength of the frame.
  • The console shows good information including speed, distance, time and calories burned
Any niggles?
No - this is our best friction brake bike for the price.
Anything else to add?
The Sprint Racer  is very easy to live with. There's no routine maintenance, other than keeping the bike clean. If the drive belt needs adjusting then it's very easy to do but it's something that you won't need to do very often.
Overall Impression?
Although priced as an entry level bike, the Sprint Racer is far better than that. In fact we challenge you to find a bike of this specification and quality anywhere else. Buy one and you won't be disappointed.

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